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Ready to enter a whole new world of nourishing meals? Need a break from steak? Eager to taste the culinary treasures of Armenian hospitality? Armenian Vegan invites you to do all three, in the comfort of your own kitchen. All the meals (and snacks!) are here: Breakfast, Soups, Salads, delicious Entrees, Breads, Desserts, and more—all carefully chosen and offered from the great tradition of meatless Armenian meals. Included are all your favorites: Stuffed Grape Leaves, Rice and Bulghour Pilaf, Vegetable Medleys, Paklava, Hearty Breads--all given with carefully chosen ingredients and easy-to-follow preparations. In addition to all the Classic Armenian vegan recipes, author Dikranouhi Kirazian adds her own delightful touches to these favorites--and to new recipes she herself has created.